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Emoji Jam-Match 3

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Emoji Jam-Match 3 is based on one of our most popular games, UNITED-Tile Matching Game. We took the fun game play elements of UNITED and swapped out the graphics with cute emoji characters. On first look you would think this game would only appeal to kids however, we find that adults that enjoy strategy games also enjoy playing Emoji Jam too.

Emoji Jam screen 1
Emoji Jam screen 2
Emoji Jam screen 3

So why would an adult enjoy playing a cute game like Emoji Jam-Match 3? When you play the game you will see that it takes an extra level of skill to know how to place the tiles. Remember that it's not simply about matching the tiles. You need to plan ahead and figure out how best to place the tiles for your upcoming moves.

Click below to see a video of Emoji Jam-Match 3 game in action

Emoji Jam-Match 3 Youtube video

Emoji Jam-Match 3 is now available on Google Play



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