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UNITED-Tile Matching Game

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OK, we admit, UNITED-Tile Matching Game has an identity issue. What a weird name for a game. In fact, we get asked the following question all the time: "Why did you call the game UNITED?" Actually, there is a very good reason for calling the game UNITED. However, before we answer that question let's start by first explaining how to play the game.

UNITED Game #1
UNITED Game #2
UNITED Game #3

How to play

1. Place the tiles.
2. You can rotate the tiles before you place them.
3. Make a UNITED set of three or more.
4. Score points.
5. Beat your high score.

First step in playing UNITED is placing the tiles on the board. You will find the tiles on the bottom of the screen. Simply touch and place the tile where you want. You can also rotate the tile by touching it. Once you place them on the board they can't be moved. The goal of the game is to UNITE sets of 3 or more tiles. And that's how we got the name UNITED. Yep, funny name, but a fun game. Be careful, you may become addicted to playing UNITED.

We also made a Youtube VIDEO showing how to play UNITED.

united_by_digital_cookie_apps_ is_now_available_on_google_playUNITED is now available on Google Play


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